Request-response Flow

We will respond promptly to requests for feasibility studies and quotations.

Here is a brief introduction of the general flow from request to delivery.

STEP 1. Contact and Consultation
Feasibility Study, Request for Quote, Technical Consultation, etc..Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
STEP 2. Quotation
We provide you with a quotation based on the information provided.
STEP 3. Meeting
Discussion regarding detailed specifications, production processes, delivery schedule, etc.
STEP 4. Official Quotation and Order Placement
If our official quotation is satisfactory, an order is placed at this stage.
STEP 5. Prototyping for Trial and Mass Production Tooling
We produce prototype tooling and correct problems before mass production.
STEP 6. Production Trial
We manufacture the products with tooling for mass production.
STEP 7. Start of Mass Production
We start mass production with strict adherence to delivery date and quality requirements.
STEP 8. Quality Inspection
Quality inspections on finished products are carried out throughout the lifespan of the project. This includes inspection with equipment, visual inspection, and more.
STEP 9. Delivery and After-sale Service
We deliver products according to your desired delivery schedule.Also, we provide full support after delivery, including support for design changes, quality assurance, other services, etc.

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