Self-Piercing Rivets


No hole in workpieces needed

Self-piercing rivets punch through (pierce) through the workpiece as they fasten them together, thus eliminating the need for pre-made holes in the workpiece.

Secure fastening of dissimilar materials

Self-piercing rivets can be used to fasten dissimilar materials that are difficult to weld together like aluminum and steel, or even metal and wood.

Perfect for fastening painted/coated steel plates

Self-piercing rivets fasten workpieces without heating the material, thus eliminating the need for repainting painted workpieces.

Clean fastening for a cleaner workplace

No sparks, smoke or swarf is generated when fastening Self-piercing rivets, all of which contributes to a cleaner workplace overall.

Types of Heads

Low Round



Roof Truss

Since they require no pre-drilled holes, self-piercing rivets are used in roof trusses which demand strength and long-term durability.

Storage Sheds

Self-piercing rivets are used to assemble storage sheds which must withstand harsh weather conditions for long periods of time. They eliminate the need for pre-drilled holes in the workpieces and provide an excellent seal after fastening.

Truck trailers

The high strength and durability of self-piercing rivets makes them ideal for large workpiece assemblies like the doors on wing roofed trucks.


Self-piercing rivets are used to assemble automotive sunroofs, which require high durability and strength. We can design and manufacture rivet setters (for automatically feeding rivets) for mass-production assembly, manufacture riveting jigs, and offer other services.

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Self-Piercing Rivets

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