We have a wealth of experience producing products for lighting, batteries, lead terminals, connectors, relays, electrical contacts, circuit breakers, PC boards, electrodes, SMT, and much more.

Unmatched Engineering and Attention to Detail

Not only do we have a long, proven history manufacturing connector pins and other electrical contacts, but a hunger to push the limits of what is considered "possible" with metal forming technology.


Condensers, Diodes, Relays, Connectors for Automobiles and Electronics, Semiconductor Chips, BGA Terminals, Discrete Circuits, Secondary Battery Terminals, PCB Terminals, Surgical Equipment, Implants, Endoscopes, Sensors, Antennas, Micro Fasteners, etc.

Numerous Delivery Records to Major Manufacturers

Our Precision Parts

We have a proven track record of supplying billions of products manufactured with our precision processing technology, which has been developed for over 60 years since our founding. Such expertise was forged through innovation and support of various industries around the world including: automotive, consumer electronics, electronic components, semiconductors, construction machinery, and metal industries.

Automotive / e-Mobility


Custom Electrical Components

Custom Electrical Components



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