Custom Semi-tubular Rivets

Semi-custom Type

In addition to manufacturing rivets that conform to general standards, we can customize each element such as head shape, shaft diameter, hole depth, and shank length. Also, cold heading primary and secondary processing can be utilized along with secondary machining to make clients precise designs reality. Please contact us about your custom rivet needs.

Large Head Diameter Type

Small Head Diameter Type

Thin Head Thickness

Trapezoidal Head Shape

Long Length

Short Length

Copper Rivets

Micro Rivets

Shoulder Rivets

Holes from Both Sides

Decorative Rivets

Knurled Rivets



Shaped Flange

Semi-tubular Bolts

Examples of custom rivets made using special materials and surface treatments

Color Rivets
(Painted type)

Plastic Rivets

Blind Rivets

Semi-tubular Rivets

Self-piercing Rivets

Custom Rivet Engineering & Design

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