Features of Our Product Development System

Research & Development

Speed is a key feature of our development system. We have achieved this speed through years of experience gained from the over 50,000 different parts that we have developed processes for. Our 150+ person research and development team, as well as in-house tooling (die) design, die-making, and in-house construction of our forming machines allows us to design processes quickly and using a wide range of technologies.

Optimal Process Design Based on FEM Analysis

We design the best possible manufacturing process for each part using FEM (finite element) analysis in combination with years of design experience.FEM analysis: An analytical technique frequently used to determine stress and strain in materials or machine components.

Developing Innovative Dies and Forming Machines

One of our strengths at Byora is our innovative design of tooling for each product and the design of the forming machines that we use. This innovativeness greatly expands what can be done with cold forming and provides our customers with the best product possible.

Quality and Accuracy Backed by Our Die-Making Expertise

In cold forming, the specifications of the die a part is made with, such as the die material, surface roughness, surface finish, and the way the die is made, significantly affect the quality of the final product. The die making/die design expertise that we have acquired through many years of manufacturing experience is a key factor behind the quality and precision of our products.

Basic Research and Technological Development

We strive to establish a foundation for continuous technological development and improve our technology through fundamental research in a wide range of fields related to cold forming, including materials, dies, lubricants, metal working equipment, and innovative manufacturing methods.

In-House Equipment Manufacturing Capabilities That Support Stable Production

Based on the need to manage what's going on on the shop floor, we have developed custom-made forming machines equipped with control systems that allow for stable, high precision production.

Rivet and Fastener Development and Research

As part of our development department, we have a dedicated fastener development team that is devoted solely to improving current standard fasteners and rivets was well to the development of new innovative fastening techniques.

Research & Development

Manufacturing System

Quality Management System

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