Deep Drawing Process

Our Strenghs

Ultra-thin-walled Processing with Precision Tool Manufacturing Technology​

We specialize in deep drawing micro, thin-walled, and narrow-shaft products using tool manufacturing technology developed over many years producing precision electronic parts with micron-level control. We have experience in deep drawing thin-walled products as thin as 0.0014 in (0.035 mm).

Micro Deep Drawing Technology

Our unique transfer press processing technology, based on in-house development of tooling and production machines, enables us to deep draw "thin and long" products. The minimum outer diameter that can be processed is 0.0118 in (0.3 mm), and deep drawing can be performed up to approximately 20 times the outer diameter.

Development of Original Manufacturing Methods Made Possible by In-house Production

We have developed our own original manufacturing methods by in-house production of the tooling and production equipment that are the key to our technology. This enables us to mass-produce products with shapes that cannot be manufactured with commercially available equipment's and tooling.

The deep drawing process has its own unique advantages, some of which include :

Reduction of Raw Material Costs

Compared to machining, deep drawing can reduce material costs because there are less material losses.

Reduction of Production Lead Time

Deep drawing requires less production time than machining or welding, and high levels of productivity can be expected.

Reduction of Product Weight

Compared to conventional production methods, deep drawing can reduce product weight. This is achieved through work-hardening, by which parts can have a high "strength to thickness" ratio.

Reduction of Damage to Materials

Compared to machining or welding, deep drawing causes less damage to the material as there is no cutting, grinding, or heat applied.


Range of Parts Formers

1D2B ~ 8D8B

Outer Diameter

0.0118 in ~ 0.8661 in
(0.3mm ~ 22mm)

Wall Thickness

0.0014in ~ 0.0276in
(0.035mm ~ 0.7mm)

Control Precision

µin (㎛)
* Depending on client requirements, partial high precision control at the microinch level is possible.


Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Nickel, Niobium, other Specialty Material

Examples of Deep Drawn Products

we have many manufacturing achievements.

Cold Forming

Roll Forming

Deep Drawing

Custom Rivets

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