Features of Our Integrated Production System

Manufacturing System

Fukui Byora's integrated production approach boasts a wide variety of in-house processing. In-house production enables strict compliance to the already high quality standards of Fukui Byora.

Cold Forming / Cold Heading

We have 1,200 formers and headers and produce 12 billion parts per year (8,000 different products).


The rolling process imprints (rolls) various patterns onto cold formed blanks. It is also a cold forming process, so high speed production with little material loss is assured.

Secondary Fabrication

Fukui Byora employs a wide range of secondary processes, including machining, bending, pressing, fastening, and plastic molding.

Polishing and Cleaning

Cleaning is often done after heading and secondary fabrication to remove machine oil used during those processes. It requires a high level of expertise as cleaning procedures are tailored to the specific oil used, as well as the product’s shape and material.

Heat Treatment

With our vacuum furnaces and other heat treatment equipment, we ensure high quality heat treatment, including quenching, tempering, magnetic annealing, normalizing, and carburizing.

Surface Finish / Metal Plating

As part of our development department, we have a dedicated fastener development team that is devoted solely to improving current standard fasteners and rivets was well to the development of new innovative fastening techniques.

Research & Development

Manufacturing System

Quality Management System

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