Medical Industries

We supply various products for pacemakers, syringes, guidewires, endoscopes, orthodontic appliances, artificial legs, dental equipment, and much more.

Quality Management System Certified to Strict ISO13485 Standards for the Medical Industry

We produce high-precision products of high and stable quality utilizing the in-house production system and high technical capabilities based on ISO13485. Upon request, we can clean, inspect, and package your products in this clean environment before shipment to prevent contamination (by oil or other foreign matter).


Endoscopes, Cannulas, Implantable Pulse Generator, Blood Analysis, Robotic Surgery, catheters, dental products, mandrels, needles, probes, Micro Electrical Contacts and more.

State of the Art Products for the Medical Industry

Medical Parts

We use technologies including cold forming, deep drawing, micro machining to deliver state of the art products for the medical industry.

Automotive / e-Mobility


Custom Electrical Components

Custom Electrical Components



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