Custom Self-piercing Rivets

Examples of Customized Self-piercing Rivets

Sealed self-piercing rivet

The rivet shank does not pierce through the workpieces and thus
high air-tight sealing is maintained. The appearance is neat.

Storerooms, scaffold planks, shutters, storm doors, containers (plywood / plated steel plate), building components, signboards and other products for outdoor use

Three-legged Rivet

Scrap by punching of the workpieces will not to be generated.The workpieces or the rivet won't turn.

Noise barriers, automobiles and building structures

Self-piercing Bolt

No welding is required and the fastened joint does not need a touch-up. The work area is kept clean and neat.

Motor mounting bolts and nuts

Blind Rivets

Semi-tubular Rivets

Self-piercing Rivets

Custom Rivet Engineering & Design

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