Easy, secure and speedy fastening

A blind rivet is very easy to fasten even for a novice. The rivet can be
fastened easily, securely, and utilizing a lightweight hand tool.

Only need access to one side of an assembly

Blind rivets are ideal for fastening workpieces that can only be accessed from one side, are in tight places, or are large and difficult to handle.

Reliable fastening

Blind rivets provide highly reliable fastening and are used in a variety of industries and applications. They also are ideal for fastening dissimilar materials that are difficult to weld together, such as aluminum and steel.

Reduction in initial investment

Blind rivets only require an inexpensive hand-held riveter to use them and thus require a low initial investment.

Round head

Standard flange shape.

Truck Trailers

Blind rivets are used to assemble large difficult to handle workpieces like the aluminum panels of some semi-trucks.

Folding Gates

The ease of use of blind rivets makes them ideal for assembling complex structures - such as folding gates - that require an operator to work in a variety of positions.

PC Cases

Blind rivets are often used for applications were there is no easy access for a jig to the backside of workpieces with complex geometries, such as PC cases.

Noise barriers

Blind rivets are used to assemble noise barriers for expressways subject to all sorts of severe weather conditions.

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