Custom Blind Rivets

Semi-custom Type

We are your go-to partner for custom rivets and other specialty parts.

In addition to stainless steel and aluminum, rivets can be manufactured with standard steel, copper and brass. We can also add various surface treatments and customize sizing to suit clients' specific applications. Specialty rivets such as waterproof rivets, airtight rivets and valve rivets round out our offerings as a leader in fastening supply. If you need help determining the best rivet for your project, please feel free to contact us!

Semi-custom rivets are based on standard specifications

with additional features selected by the user.

Closed End / Sealed Type

The enclosed sleeve design of these rivets provide an excellent seal after fastening, as well as excellent waterproofness (watertightness).

CAP Type (Waterproof)

These rivets utilize a built-in plastic cap to provide waterproof fastening. They also help to prevent galvanic corrosion between the rivet and workpiece.

Folding Bulb Type

The Folding Bulb Type rivet expands and forms individual claws on the underside of the workpiece for maximum mechanical performance.

Peel Type

The end of the Peel Type rivet splits into four petal-like sections. It is ideal for fastening softer work pieces such as plywood and plastic.

High-Strength Clamping

The High-Strength Clamping rivet creates folds with large diameters to fasten workpieces tightly.


These one-size-fits-all rivets can be used to fasten a wide range of workpiece thicknesses. They have a bright finish and high clamping strength.

Countersunk Head

Countersunk head blind rivets are used in countersunk holes. Once set, they are flush to the surface.

Extra Long

Designed for Applications needing a grip range of over 1".


The painted blind rivet is a non-removable, quick alternative to plating. It is suitable to match colors on pre-painted surfaces.

We have worked on more than 50,000 custom precision parts that fulfil clients' specific needs. Due to our many years of experience, we are specialists in various processing technologies and have a deep knowledge and understanding of molds and tooling. Our quality assurance systems are state-of-the-art, and we offer completely made-to-order fastening products.


This example shows our ability to process uniquely tapered shapes on the interior of the blind rivet sleeve.


This custom step is a feature that ensures final fastening height is uniform and consistent.


This flange was custom made to suit our client's specific application.


This product highlights Byora's ability to customize mandrels in addition to sleeves and flanges.


Flanges can also be customized with lettering, as shown with this example.

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