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Private information protection

At Fukui Byora Group we feel that protecting private information is a social duty. We are committed to ensure that you feel at ease in visiting and utilizing the information herein. We observe all laws concerning private information and have established the following privacy policy within our company to appropriately handle your private information.

  1. Observing the law
    Fukui Byora Group recognizes the important duty to appropriately manage and protect private information, which it receives from the customer. In order to fully carry out this duty, we observe all laws and regulations regarding the protection of private information (referred to as the "private information protective act") .
  2. Acquisition and utilization of private information
    Fukui Byora Group collects personal information after stipulating, at the time of acquisition, the purpose to which such information will be used. The personal information collected shall be appropriately used only within the scope of purposes expressly described, and for no other purpose.
  3. Safety control of private information
    At Fukui Byora Group, in order to prevent the illegitimate access, loss, etc of private information obtained from the customer, we strictly maintain the security of this web site. Through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, we ensure against unauthorized access by third parties and appropriately guarantee security.
  4. Disclosure of private information to third parties
    In Fukui Byora Group, private information of our customers is never offered nor disclosed to any third parties except in the following circumstances.
    * Prior receipt from the customer of express permission for such disclosure.
    * Compliance to the law.
    * When such dissemination is necessary for the completion of the business objectives and with full understanding of the customer.
    * When it is necessary to alleviate life threatening situations or when serious bodily or property harm may be averted by such disclosure.
  5. Response to requests for correction or non-disclosure of private information
    Fukui Byora Group accepts and promptly responds to requests from the customer about private information received by this site (for example, correction, addition to, deletion, and refusal of use by Fukui Byora Group or a third party), once such request is confirmed to be from the customer.
  6. Response to objections regarding private information
    Please communicate any objections regarding the use or handling of private information directly to Fukui Byora Group. We will endeavor to appropriately and quickly respond.
  7. Cookies
    This web site makes use of cookies to enhance convenience and usability. Cookies are a small amount of data, including an anonymous unique identifier, sent to the user's browser from this website in order to identify the computer of the customer. It can retrieve small amounts of data, such as the name of a previous visitor or e-mail address and telephone number. It does not allow this web site to read any other data on the customer's computer and has no adverse effects, it is tightly controlled and limited in its capabilities, ensuring that it does not infringe on the privacy of the customer. It may be blocked and information from a cookie will not be sent back to this site if it is so blocked.
  8. Links to third party Web sites
    Fukui Byora Group is not responsible for private information obtained by third party web sites linked to this one. We are not responsible for the contents nor in any way regarding third party web sites linked to this.
  9. Modifications to this privacy policy
    Modifications to this privacy policy may be made from time to time, for example in accordance with changes in the relevant laws and regulations. All such modifications will be published as an up-to-date privacy policy on this corporate site.

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