Semi-Tubular Rivets


Simple no-special-skills-required fastening

Semi-tubular rivets are quick and easy to fasten using a rivet setter and do not require extensive operator training to use.

Reliable Fastening

Semi-tubular rivets do not loosen easily, provide reliable fastening, and allow for easy after-installation visual inspection.

Improved work efficiency

Replacing screws, nuts or bolts with semi-tubular rivets can greatly improve assembly speeds.

Customizable to specific applications

Semi-tubular rivets can be tailor-made from a variety of materials to be used in a wide range of industries from electrical contacts to decorative applications.

Low Round Head

Secure and reliable fastening.

Windshield Wipers

Semi-tubular rivets are used in windshield wipers. These rivets are covered in a special coating so they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Window Shutters

Semi-tubular shoulder rivets are used to fasten the moveable fittings that hold the glass panes of some types of window shutters.


The superior fastening strength of semi-tubular rivets means they are often used in the joints of stepladders which need to withstand heavy loads.


Semi-tubular rivets are used in some bags where they must both be strong and visually appealing.By choosing the right rivet head shape, the rivet can also give the bag a very unique look.

Baby Strollers

The extraordinary durability and reliability of semi-tubular rivets makes them ideal for baby strollers.

Cooking Utensils

Semi-tubular rivets are used in many cooking utensils where they must not only be able to withstand rapid heating and cooling but also be water resistant and strong.

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