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  1. The contents of this site, especially product or service photographs, images, plans, specifications, merits etc are representative of their respective series or groups and at times should be understood to be illustrative overviews. Individual products or services may, at times, differ from this published format.
  2. This site may, on occasion, be updated concerning the contents and configuration therein. In addition, please be aware that products or services may be changed or canceled without prior notice.
  3. Every effort is made to keep the site and the information within up to date but we cannot guarantee the totality of the contents.In addition, BYORA U.S.A. CORPORATION disclaims all responsibility for the behavior of visitors to this website including what is done with the information contained herein.
  1. Copyright of all contents (compositional data, images, sound, etc.) within this site reverts to BYORA U.S.A. CORPORATION. Therefore, duplication of the contents of this site, regardless of the intent being for profit or non profit, is prohibited without proper authorization from the copyright holder.
  2. BYORA U.S.A. CORPORATION will not, under any circumstances, be liable for the use of or inability to use the contents of this site. This limitation of liability includes, but is not limited to any damages, loss of data, income or profit which may occur when utilizing the information herein.
  • If a link to this site is desired, permission must be obtained from BYORA U.S.A. CORPORATION prior to placing the link. We reserve the right to withhold or withdraw permission if it is determined that such a link would not be in the best interest or opposes the intention of this corporation or for any other reason.
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