Over 50,000 unique parts Mass Production of Micro, High-precision and Difficult-to-form Products achieved by Micro-precision Processing

Our Strengths

Micro-precision Processing of Specialized Geometries with Precision Tool Manufacturing Technology

We specialize in "Micro-precision processing" using tool manufacturing technology developed over many years producing precision electronic parts. We can meet clients' needs for specialized processing of products with shaft diameters of 1mm or less, and have the capability to deep draw micro parts.

Clean Production Environment to Meet Quality Control Requirements​

Upon request, we can conduct cleaning, inspection, packaging and other processes prior to shipment in an on-site clean environment to prevent contamination (oil adhesion, inclusion of foreign material, etc.) and meet strict requirements of cleanliness.

Development of Original Manufacturing Methods Made Possible by In-house Production

Producing tooling and other equipment in-house is key to our technology and has allowed us to develop various original manufacturing methods. These methods enable us to mass-produce products and geometries impossible with commercially available tooling and equipment.

Design Simulation for Efficient Technical Proposals

We can collaborate with its clients from the early conceptual stages of a project. Using tool design simulation software aids us in responding flexibly to client design changes.

Numerous Delivery Records to Major Manufacturers

Our Micro-precision Products

We have a proven track record of supplying billions of products manufactured with our precision processing technology, which has been developed for over 60 years since our founding. Such expertise was forged through innovation and support of various industries around the world including: automotive, consumer electronics, electronic components, semiconductors, construction machinery, and metal industries.


Condensers, Diodes, Relays, Connectors for Automobiles and Electronics, Semiconductor Chips, BGA Terminals, Discrete Circuits, Secondary Battery Terminals, PCB Terminals, Surgical Equipment, Implants, Endoscopes, Sensors, Antennas, Micro Fasteners, etc.



The following are examples of products that we have successfully mass produced using cold forming technology.

Examples of Other Products

In addition to the examples introduced above, we have many other manufacturing achievements.

Introduction Page for Examples
of Micro-precision Products

Quality Control System

By establishing a "comprehensive quality control system" led by our Quality Assurance Department, we strive to flexibly respond to the drastically changing global environment and provide products high in quality, high in value, and fully compliant to customer requirements.

Advanced Analytical Equipment Suitable for Evaluation of Precision Products

We utilize advanced inspection and measurement equipment alongside analysis equipment to perform multifaceted verifications, earning our clients' peace of mind and trust.

List of In-house Inspection Equipment

IATF 16949 Certified international quality management standards for the automotive industry

In addition to ISO 9001, we are also certified in IATF 16949 , an international quality management standard made to ensure adherence to the strict quality requirements of automotive products.

  ISO Certification Status

Commendation for Outstanding Quality from Major Automotive Manufacturers

We have received numerous commendations and awards for our continued record of "zero defects" in the quality of delivered products.

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Request-response Flow

We will respond promptly to requests for feasibility studies and quotations. Here is a brief introduction of the general flow from request to delivery.


Please feel free to contact us if :

  • - your request for quotation was turned down by other companies due to the complex shapes of the products.
  • - you are considering a change of production method to reduce costs.
  • - you would like to request a feasibility study for products still in development.
  • - you would like to optimize product cost.
  • - you would like to solve current quality problems as soon as possible.

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