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A history of achievement in the world of electronics.

Our precision parts

We take pride in our ability to deliver innovative solutions to a global clientele. Our production technology has been cultivated by over 60 years of experience, and Byora parts have brought to life countless projects in the automotive, home appliance, electronic component, semiconductor, and construction fields.


Connector terminals, connector pins, lead pins, diode pins, probe pins, plunger pins, pogo pins, spring connector pins, press-fit terminals, post pins, conductive terminals, Kovar pins, electrode pins, micro pins, electrode terminals, continuous terminals, bandolier terminals sleeve terminals, semiconductor terminals, etc.



The following are examples of products that we have successfully mass produced using cold forming technology.

Ability to make proposals that consider both die design and production equipment

VA / VE Case Studies

Our "proposal to product" process involves thorough communication between Byora engineers and the companies we work with. Here are some examples of products that have resulted from refined proposals and brought improvements in quality, costs and delivery time to our customers.

Over 200 VA / VE Proposals accepted per year

We contribute to cost reduction, quality improvement, and delivery time shortening for our customers with our high technology and proposal capability cultivated by in-house production of dies.

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Quality Control System

By establishing a "comprehensive quality control system" led by our Quality Assurance Department, we strive to flexibly respond to the drastically changing global environment and provide products high in quality, high in value, and fully compliant to customer requirements.

Advanced Analytical Equipment Suitable for Evaluation of Precision Products

We utilize advanced inspection and measurement equipment alongside analysis equipment to perform multifaceted verifications, earning our clients' peace of mind and trust.

List of In-house Inspection Equipment

IATF 16949 Certified international quality management standards for the automotive industry

In addition to ISO 9001, we are also certified in IATF 16949 , an international quality management standard made to ensure adherence to the strict quality requirements of automotive products.

  ISO Certification Status

Commendation for Outstanding Quality from Major Automotive Manufacturers

We have received numerous commendations and awards for our continued record of "zero defects" in the quality of delivered products.

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Request-response Flow

We will respond promptly to requests for feasibility studies and quotations. Here is a brief introduction of the general flow from request to delivery.


Please feel free to contact us if:

  • - your request for quotation was turned down by other companies due to the complex shapes of the products.
  • - you are considering a change of production method to reduce costs.
  • - you would like to request a feasibility study for products still in development.
  • - you would like to optimize product cost.
  • - you would like to solve current quality problems as soon as possible.

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