Semi-tubular Rivets
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Semi-tubular Rivets Basics

Simple no-special-skills-required fastening

Semi-tubular rivets are quick and easy to fasten using a rivet setter and do not require extensive operator training to use.


Reliable Fastening

Semi-tubular rivets do not loosen easily, provide reliable fastening, and allow for easy after-installation visual inspection.


Improved work efficiency

Replacing screws, nuts or bolts with semi-tubular rivets can greatly improve assembly speeds.


Customizable to specific applications

Semi-tubular rivets can be tailor-made from a variety of materials to be used in a wide range of industries from electrical contacts to decorative applications.

Fastening with Semi-tubular Rivets

Low Round Head

Truss Head

Flat Head


Round Head

Examples of Customized Semi-tubular Rivets

Shoulder rivet

Shoulder rivet | Semi-tubular Rivet
The height of this rivet after fastening is constant allowing it to be used as a pivot or support pin in many applications.

[ Uses ]
Glass window slats, various levers and handle pivots

Expansion rivet

Expansion rivet  | Semi-tubular Rivet
The shaft of expansion rivets swells during fastening to help align the workpieces. In addition, the double curl on the end provides tight fastening without the risk of cracks in the curl.

[ Uses ]
Hole punches

Double headed rivet

Double headed rivet  | Semi-tubular Rivet
Two different size rivets can be combined to form a double headed rivet.

[ Uses ]
Wheeled suitcase handles and kitchen knife handles
Example Applications for Semi-TUbular Rivets
Semi-tubular Rivets CATALOG IMAGES
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Catalog Contents

■ Parts of a Semi-Tubular Rivet ■ Features ■ Fastening process ■ Types of heads ■ Operating precautions ■ Types of materials and relevant JIS ■ Strength test results by material and shank diameter ■ Rivet type ■ Low Round Head Semi-Tubular Rivets ■ Flat Head Semi-Tubular Rivets ■ Round Head Semi-Tubular Rivets ■ Countersunk Semi-Tubular Rivets ■ Examples of customized rivets