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Rivet Setting Machines
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Models and Specifications
Model RS512 RS620 RS305
Photo Rivet Setting Machines picture RS512 Rivet Setting Machines picture RS620 Rivet Setting Machines picture RS305
Source voltage Single-phase 100 VAC Three-phase 200 VAC Three-phase 200 VAC
Power consumption (W) 200 400 400
Drive system Pressurizing by cam Pressurizing by cam Pressurizing by flywheel
Takt time(S) 50Hz 0.5 0.6 0.4
60Hz 0.4 0.5 0.3
load (kN)
7 15 15
Machine dimensions Dimensions (mm) W350 X D590 X H750  W600 X D800 X H1720 W600 X D870 X H1550
Arm length (mm) 200 (300 or 400) 320 (400) 320 (400)
Work height (mm) 280 967 967
Weight (kg) 109 300 310
rivet size
Semi-tubular SW or BS Shank diameter 1.6 ~ 4 Max length L 12(20) Shank diameter 3 ~ 6 Max length L 15(25) Shank diameter 3 ~ 6 Max length L 15(30)
SUS 1.6 ~ 3 3 ~ 5 3 ~ 4
AL or CU 1.6 ~ 5 3 ~ 6 3 ~ 6
Self-piercing SW Shank diameter 2 Max length L Standard size Shank diameter 3 ~ 3.6 Max length L Standard size Shank diameter 3 ~ 3.6 Max length L Standard size
SUS 2 3 ~ 3.5 3 ~ 3.5
  1. The figures in ( ) are optional sizes.
  2. In the case of shaft diameter of 1.6 mm, the special specification may be adopted depending on type of material or length L.
  3. Trial fastening may be required depending on fastening conditions (please ask us in advance).
  4. The specifications above are subject to change without notice.
  5. When a SUSXM7 self-piercing rivet with a shaft diameter of 2xL is needed, please ask us in advance.
Optional specifications
Code Description Code Description
30BR Arm length 300 mm (for RS512 only) ALU Pilot pin lockup system (pneumatic)
40BR Arm length 400 mm (for all the models) MLU Pilot pin lockup system (mechanical)
AH Automatic hopper PS Punch up/down slide mechanism
PF Parts feeder ARP Rivet forced insertion system
L L-spec: Length L up to 4 times the shank diameter ARE Pneumatic escape system
LL LL-spec RS512 Length L: 15 to 24 mm E Power supply specification (e.g., overseas)
RS305 Length L: 15 to 30 mm SP Spotlight
RS620 Length L: 15 to 25 mm T2 Wheeled table (for desktop type)
Remarks )
The standard specification of our rivet setter is based on the JIS B 1215 low round head rivet fastening. When the standardized JIS B 1215 rivet has the head other than low round or the dimensions partially different from the specification (e.g., hole diameter), it shall be handled as optional specification.
Rivet setter safety devices
Workpiece holder
curling set
Lockup curling set
Two-hand control
button switch
Two-hand control button switch
safety device
Shutter-type safety device
safety device
Photoelectric safety device
Remarks) All the safety devices above are optional extras.
Rivet Setting Machines CATALOG
Rivet Setting Machines CATALOG   View the Catalog (PDF FILE)

Catalog Contents

■ Rivet Setter Specifications ■ Rivet Setter Optional specifications ■ Rivet setter safety devices