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Q1 .
How can I request a quote?
Please send us your part drawing. We can then consider an optimal forming process and/or submit a quote. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements even if your design has not been fully decided. Click here to contact us for more information.
Q2 .
Can you help us consider ways to use cold forming to design our parts and streamline our operations?
Our sales representatives can suggest a solution. Please feel free to contact us by clicking here.
Q3 .
How long can we expect to wait for a quote?
It depends on the part. If the part is relatively easy to make using cold forming, it is possible for us to get you a quote in a day or so. If the part is more complex, must be made from a special material, or if there are many manufacturing steps require to produce it, it can take around one or two weeks for us to submit a quote.
Q4 .
What is the turnaround time for prototyping?
Anywhere from three weeks to three months , depending on the prototype geometry and material. Our turnaround time can also vary depending on the availability of a particular process/machine in our factories. One of our sales representatives will notify you of the exact delivery date after your order has been confirmed.
Q5 .
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. We deliver products to our customers in countries all around the world. For inquires about international deliveries, contact our service desk by clicking here.
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