Quality Management System + Fully Equipped Clean Room   Quality Management System + Fully Equipped Clean Room
Our "clean room" along with our Quality Assurance System is second to none in the world today. Fukui Byora is one of the few metal parts manufacturers in our industry with such a clean room (ISO: cleanliness class 7, FED:10,000). We have the capability to provide clean room packaging, inspection and pre-shipment cleaning to prevent contaminants such as oil or foreign particles, providing a clean and reliable product.
Statistical Quality Information Network System   Statistical Quality Information Network System
Our quality information network system enables us to continually monitor dimensional data and statistics in the manufacturing process. This system gives real time warnings should there be any deviation from the quality and size criteria thereby helping to prevent the occurrence of defects in the finished products.
Automated Dimensional Measurement System   Automated Dimensional Measurement System
Our quality information control systems achieve the thorough analysis of the dimensional trend in manufacturing by statistically controlling the system.Development of technical evaluations and production management systems provides the manufacturing system with accurate information.
Self-developed Production Management System   Self-developed Production Management System
Fukui Byora has developed our own internal production management system.Our production management system features a precise adherence to step-by-step procedures in the production process thereby insuring consistency and repeatability. This consistency is especially apparent in our self-developed systems of Tooling Durability Control System and First-in First-out System of raw material usage.
Precision Imaging for the Highest Quality Control   Precision Imaging for the Highest Quality Control
Fukui Byora is vertically integrated with imaging device systems to precisely check the dimensions and appearance of finished products. These imaging systems enable us to record, process, and compare measurement data against customer specifications in order to achieve the highest quality control.
ISO Certification + RoHS Compliance   ISO Certification + RoHS Compliance
In addition to obtaining ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485 certification, Fukui Byora has created our own integrated management system with quality standards exceeding the certification requirements of ISO. In keeping with environmental protection regulation, RoHS Directive and ELV Directive, we established our "Green Procurement Guidelines”in 2005. To date, we meet and exceed RoHS compliance.