Process Design   Process Design
Our FEM (Finite Element Method of Analysis) was adopted for the simulation of the forming process. Simulations are analyzed to achieve avoidance of stress concentration of material to the tooling. We design our processes to better achieve total balance in cold forming.
Tool Manufacturing + Facility Development   Tool Manufacturing + Facility Development
We have internally constructed over 95% of our production equipment and 90% of our tooling on a proprietary basis. This "in-house" construction of our cold forming machines provides us with a competitive advantage in the world today.
Capabilities   Capabilities
We have approximately 1,200 units of cold forming machines producing over 12 billion products annually and approximately 8,000 varieties of parts per year. We have accumulated considerable proprietary technology which provides significant advantages for our customers.
Secondary Processing   Secondary Processing
We offer flexible in-house secondary processing including roll forming, bending, pressing, cutting, polishing and resin molding to support specific applications.
Heat Treatment   Heat Treatment
We have an advanced in-house heat treatment system that utilizes such techniques as quenching, annealing, tempering, carburized quenching, magnetic annealing, normalizing and more.
Low Cost   Surface Treatment
We have our own in-house plating facility which is ROHS and WEEE regulation compliant. We offer a wide variety of surface treatment options.